Thursday, January 29, 2009

For My Husband

Monday I started a Bible Study at a new church my husband and I are attending. It's called: For Women Only. It's about how to do some one sided changes in my life to help my relationship with my husband to grow and change. So, for example, my homework this week has been to show my husband respect without expecting anything in return. It's hard.

I'm really enjoying reading the Bible more and am excited for next week's session.

However, all of this has brought up some personal issues that I have started to discuss with my husband. I am Catholic. I converted before we got married because he is Catholic. The church we are attending is more non-denominational. It's one of those new age Christian young people churches. I always thought they were cult-like. But, it's fabulous. My fear is that all my work to become Catholic will become void if we spend so much time at this new church.

But, the important thing is that we're going to church and that you get something out of the service, right? We are wanting God in our lives more now. And for the first time, my husband is participating in church, which makes me extremely happy.

Just a lot to take in. A lot of decisions to make. However, I am going to pray on it and try to open my heart to God to allow him to show me which way is the right one for me and for us as a family.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Been a While

Well, I'm back. I've been doing some journaling on paper the last few days. I wonder why. I started this for that purpose. Craziness. Anway, things have changed a bit. Or not. I'm starting a new plan on Monday to lose weight. I'm down. Just want to look amazing. For the hubby. And, actually for me. I am a strong person. I need a strong body to go with it.

Also, the crazy mom struck. Has me and hubby signed up for a half marathon. YIKES! I think it's funny. I can run maybe 2 miles. And I've signed up to run 13.1. Excited for the accomplishment once it's done. Until then, it's just funny.