Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Day with the Dogs

Disclaimer: No, I am not in the dog house. Well, not yet anyway...the night is still young.

I worked last night.

This means I took my standard 4 hour (-ish) nap to convert back to normal-people time to spend a Sunday with the Coastie. The day started after a great lunch made by said Coastie and a Red Bull for me.

If there is ever one thing you need to know about me it is that I have a love affair with caffeine. Caffeine = HEAVEN. I cannot start a day without it (nor make my way through a night shift). Coffee, Diet Coke, energy doesn't matter. As long as it has caffeine in it, I must consume it and I must consume a lot of it. If you want to be my friend, bring me anything from Starbucks or anything caffeinated.

Anywho, back to the story. The Coastie and I took our doggy Mac to the dog park for the first time. Mac has never been to a dog park because the old South Texas town we were in is NOT dog friendly (I'm convinced).

She did very well. She didn't snap at too many dogs, but she is a girl, so there were some....but all in all she did great. We stayed there for a couple hours...

Then, we went home, had a shrimp salad for dinner and are now watching a movie...well, watched a movie...with wine...which means I should probably not be writing right now...

Until tomorrow....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hawks...are they really dangerous?

I attempted my first Speed Workout today.

I should just end it there rather than put my embarrasment of the actual result of such an attempt. However, that would not leave you anything to read. Nor to laugh at. So, here is my account of my first Speed Workout.

I went to the base to run on their "track". Yes, that would be track in quotation marks. Wonder why? Well, when asked exactly how long the track was (at the last Base, it was 1/2 mile, so I have learned to ask), the lovely lady with the beard & mustache told me that 3 3/4 times around is equal to 1 1/2 miles. Say what? Can you put that into laps per mile for me please?

Thank goodness I brought Garmin, because I was not finishing this without it. I walked out to the "track" after moving my car closer because not only is it not a real track, but it goes around 2 baseball fields where you lose visability of any belongings you plan on placing around it. The car became necessary to reduce petty theft.

Warm-up Mile

This was a great mile, slow enough to just warm me up, took about 2 and 2/3 times around (who know actually, more than 2, less than 3).

Speed Mile

This was supposed to be in 10:31. I finished in 10:35. Now, that looks like I pretty much did it, but it's deceiving. I walked a few steps twice during that time. Yes, I realize this means that I was actually going faster than intended. Oops.

800 rest

Enough said. I walked it!

Speed Mile

Again, supposed to be 10:31. 11:17. Yuck! I had to walk like 3 times. This could be a combination of the heat, the fact that I drank too much water on the rest and the fact that they were cutting the grass on the baseball fields (I'm highly allergic). Or, it could just be that this was my first attempt at Speed and I was tired. I'm gonna go with number 1, that ok with you?

800 rest

Yay, more legitimate walking. No self deprication here! Although, on my last time around I was nearly attacked by a Hawk. He was sitting in the middle of the baseball field when I was making my last round for my rest and right when I was passing by, he flew to the fence right next to me, trapping me between him and the trees. I had no way out! I picked up the pace a tad, prayed, and barely escaped his talons. Phew!

Cool-Down Mile

What? You think I did that with that Hawk out there? You're crazy! I had a plan to duck between the baseball fields, cutting my loop in half to finish up. In fact, I did it once. But, then I looked down at Garmin and realized that I had hit Stop instead of Lap and what's the point of doing a cool-down mile if you can't prove you did it anyway. I was at the car, might as well stop. Besides, I saw that Hawk eyeing me.

As I was leaving, I saw a few other runners coming out. I looked at them longingly and mouthed "Good Luck poor souls". I sure hope they know Hawk self defense!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excedrin is my friend

On my days off I have this horrible habit of not drinking enough water. Which is usually ironic because we have a water bottle cooler do-hickey in the kitchen specifically for the purpose of giving us more water to drink. Normally, this is great, as I have the Coastie home to refill said water bottle for me to stop the incredibly annoying beeping and blinking light that ensues when it becomes empty. I am in the unfortunate predicament that I am both off work for 6 days and without the Coastie.

This morning I woke up with the worst headache. OK, I'm exagerating. It was not the worst. Just bad. And dehydration enduced. You would think being a nurse, I would have a wonderful way to get rid of headaches. I do. It's called Excedrin. You would also think that I would take this immediately and drink some water. You would be wrong. It took me until 3 PM to take anything. I did take it with water and am now on glass numero tres. My headache is cured, but my lack of motivation to go running is not.

To keep myself honest, I am going to PROMISE to y'all that I will actually run tomorrow.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Social Network Review & My Run Today

The problem with being both a Military Wife and a Nightshift Nurse is that you rarely see your husband. The Coastie and I managed to finally have a weekend evening off last night. He surprised me with a trip to the movies to see The Social Network.

This movie is Amazing!

From the first scene with the fast talking banter to the last where it finally all comes together, it was fantastic. You must go see this movie. I was not at all planning on ever even renting it. It looked lame. Not so. The main character is hilarious!

My run today was interesting. My first attempt at a tempo run turned into a fartlek run. Mile 1 was a warm up...went well. I was actually not winded at all...I have finally learned what a warm up is supposed to feel like. Miles 2 - 4 were to be tempo miles at 11:08. I almost made mile 2 on time, but at 1.9 miles I had to stop. I think my goal of 2:30 at the half in December is a bit too lofty. At leat to start training for it now. We'll see. I made it, however! All 5 miles.