Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Social Network Review & My Run Today

The problem with being both a Military Wife and a Nightshift Nurse is that you rarely see your husband. The Coastie and I managed to finally have a weekend evening off last night. He surprised me with a trip to the movies to see The Social Network.

This movie is Amazing!

From the first scene with the fast talking banter to the last where it finally all comes together, it was fantastic. You must go see this movie. I was not at all planning on ever even renting it. It looked lame. Not so. The main character is hilarious!

My run today was interesting. My first attempt at a tempo run turned into a fartlek run. Mile 1 was a warm up...went well. I was actually not winded at all...I have finally learned what a warm up is supposed to feel like. Miles 2 - 4 were to be tempo miles at 11:08. I almost made mile 2 on time, but at 1.9 miles I had to stop. I think my goal of 2:30 at the half in December is a bit too lofty. At leat to start training for it now. We'll see. I made it, however! All 5 miles.

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