Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Kids

So, I am a cat person. Hubby and I have the greatest cat in the world. I think so because he is so loving. He loves to be held and cuddled and kissed. Hubby likes him 'cause he acts like a dog. He fetches, sits on command (for treats only), follows you from room to room, etc. All in all, his mommy thinks he's perfect. Just not all that personable to people other than me.

But, we decided to get a puppy. She is 15 weeks and super cute. She's laid back, loves her loving, and is curious about her new home. She wants to love on and play with her big brother, but he wants nothing to do with her. He yells at her, and the other day while she was just sitting there, he walked right up to her and smacked her on the nose and then walked away. No claws. She didn't cry. So, I guess he's establishing that he's in charge. However, their interactions are pretty humerous.
We are very excited about our kids. But, since Hubby is underway this week, I have them to myself. Very much like having actual kids...to me anyway. No offense to you "real" mothers out there, I totally believe you all are saints.
Anyway, off to the vet for puppy's first visit!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pretty proud of myself....yesterday

Yesterday was rough. I was tired, so didn't get up for my usual workout. Slacker, I know. Plus, my parents were coming in to town. However, they left late and that granted me the perfect opportunity to go out for my 2 mile run. I headed out with my Garmin and no ipod. Nothing to keep me company but my thoughts. It was actually quite nice. Got a tad dark and windy by the end.

But, to the proud part, this is the first time I have given up lifting for running. It's progress! I will still lift this week end, but my running just took priority, well, I hope it did anyway.

Thanks to John "Penguin" Bingham and No Need for Speed for the added motivation. Great book, I highly recommend it!

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