Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday is Question Day!

I want to start a trend here on Misadventures. Every Thursday I will ask a question to those of you that are my loyal followers. I expect answers...well, not really get the idea.

Why Thursday, you ask? Because today is Thursday and today is the day I actually had an idea...I would call it an original idea, but I am not sure that it is.

So the question of today is:

If you could be sponsored by 1 company (or whatever/whoever can sponsor people), who would you be sponsored by and why?

My answer would be Nike. If you asked why, I would first have to answer that it's by default. I was organizing my running clothes today and realized that 80% of what I own is Nike. The rest is a hodge-podge of other random companies including what I believe was a Walmart Special...or was it Target? My usual running outfit looks something like this:

Note: Nike hat, shirt & shorts. I am not always so matching...minus the pink hat...that is more like me. I distinctly remember the Disney 2010 half marathon where I actually threw on everything I owned to keep warm. The basis of the outfit was still Nike, coincidentally.

On the more serious side, Nike does support women running. They had the Nike Women's Marathon last year. I couldn't find info about one in 2011, though. So, I'm not sure that there is one...I would assume so, but that cannot be confirmed, nor denied. They have tons of women's running apparel, as I have illustrated and currently own.

But really, when it comes down to it, who can resist the swoosh...either wearing it or saying it. Just say it...go know you want too...SWOOSH! HAHA. Makes me laugh every time!

P.S. If you are a Nike rep and would like to sponsor me, please respond...I would be happy to accept any and all free gear you may have. (I would also happily spread the word about women & Nike & running)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Baaaaaacccccckkkkk!

I've been absent. I'm so sorry. Not that there are many of you out there to care. However, I care. I have had some health issues going on that unfortunately are too personal to share with total strangers or the internet world. At this time, I'd rather leave it as "health issues".

My first entrance back into the running world was the 26.2 for Donna Marathon Relay last Sunday. I can honestly say that I ran a total of about 2 miles to train for my 5 mile leg. Oops. Maybe should have done more than that.

It went surprisingly well. I finished my 5 mile leg on the beach in an hour. Which is right on par with past running experiences. So, I was excited about that. Especially with my walking breaks.

My one issue was with the Galloway-ers. I was hunted down and left in the dust by the 5 hour pacer group. Semi demoralizing considering I was tired I couldn't keep up with their running. They would pass me, then I would catch up when they were walking. Then I would get behind and pretty soon...I couldn't catch up anymore. However, they did finish before 5 hours....sneaky people.

But, I did actually see Jeff Galloway finish....pretty cool!

I got the bug again. So, I went out running today. It was overcast at the start, and then started raining. I always thought people that ran in the rain were either crazy or hardcore. I'm now officially leaning towards crazy because if I hadn't been a mile and a half from home when it started, I would have stopped and gone home immediately. Conveniently, it started about 3 steps from my turn-around. No miles lost. Just my common sense.

I plan to train for some up-coming races if I can work them into my work schedule as well as my doctor-y stuff. I will run until he actually states that I need to stop.