Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New phone.

I got a new phone...a Droid Eris.  I'm attempting my first post from it.  I'm hoping this means that I will post more frequently.  However, this seems to be more time consuming than expected.

Running is coming along.  I haven't run as much as I'm supposed to this close to the race, but I have another.long run coming up this weekend that I do not intend on missing.  The issue once again is that The Coastie is gone again this week.  But, no excuses.  It's on me if I don't finish the race.

So, I'm signing off for now to post again another day.

Monday, December 7, 2009

So, that's what they mean by pain...

I learned something yesterday...exactly what people mean by "running hurts". I know the burn of lactic acid from rowing in college & weight lifting (although I suspect that is a different kind of burn). However, I had yet to fully feel the burn from running. Sure, my legs are tired when I'm done. Sure, they get sore. But, downright hurt...hadn't felt that up until yesterday.

I logged my longest training run to date at 12 miles. The first 6 were not a problem. Had a Cliff Power Shot at mile 5 followed by the world's fastest pee break (thank you Valero!). Mile 7 started the pain. Knee pain. Friendly, sharp, feels like someone stabbing me in the kneecap pain. However, this is common of my left knee and stops when I stop running. Mile 8 brought on the same pain in my right knee & prompted a "wow, pain, you're new..." thought to run through my head for the entire mile. Mile 9 was "pain...stop now...I need to finish". Mile 10 brought on the celebration, as my last attempt at this distance was a disaster. However, that was quickly followed by "I hate pain". The last 2 miles were pure agony. I actually feel into a nice reverie of "pain, pain go away, come again another day" & "I'm going to beat you pain...I will finish".

Needless to say, I did finish & in just under 1:30 (a nice pace for me, as a first time runner). Here I was, thinking I was done with the pain.

I promptly called Crazy Running Mom (CRM) & told her of my accomplishment & that I was in excrutiating pain. The nurse in me was screaming that I just destroyed all cartiledge in my knee & that's why it hurt so bad. CRM said to take Ibuprofen & a cold shower. I was already cold...that was not happening.

So, I took my warm shower & due to increased pain, ended it standing in freezing cold water that was directed at my legs. Ahh...relief.

I have felt the I say bring on the race!