Thursday, July 23, 2009

Delayed flights are like my running

Sitting (on the dock of the bay) here at the airport waiting for my flight to take off, I have come to a major conclusion. Many things in my life, like running, eating healthy, chores, are like delayed flights. Let me explain...

First the flight gets delayed by an hour. You start to think, thank goodness, I was going to be late anyway, and now God has smiled on me and I will not only make my flight but be early enough to actually use the restroom in the airport rather than the on the plane. This makes you happy because naturally a toilet that doesn't move around due to turbulence is much better than one that does. You ignore the fact that it's a toss up on which one is actually more sanitary. In running, I delay it an hour due to having to use the restroom after getting home late from work (or not wanting to wake up quite that early in the morning). Fantastic, I think to myself as I take the time to use the restroom.

Second, the flight gets delayed another hour and a half. Is it weather you ask? No, it's stupid air traffic control combined with weather. Really? Air traffic control is the reason? Did they just decide my plane was not going to land on time anyway and delay it further? Do they really know 4 hours ahead that they aren't going to let us land? Do they sit up in their tower playing plane roulette? "We'll delay........this one!" They say with their eyes closed and their finger floating over the green radar screen as it lands on the unsuspecting blip on the screen. "Ah yes, this plane it is." Again, much like running to me. I decide to delay the run again with my eyes closed and my finger floating over my weekly calendar saying, "I'll decide to delay.....this run further."

Third, the flight is then delayed another 10 minutes. Really? 10 minutes? You had to actually post that it is delayed yet another 10 minutes. Because in the scheme of things, like a delay of 2 hours and 55 minutes, actually having to tell us that fact it is actually now 3 hours and 5 minutes is really going to make a difference. I couldn't be more upset if they cancelled the freaking flight. (Oh, God, please don't do that). Keep in mind, I'm only 1 hour and 45 minutes into my now 3 hours and 5 minutes delay. Run....still to be continued.

However, here's hoping the plane is only delayed and not cancelled, as all my runs have been for the past 2 weeks. Can you say funk? Get me out of it!!!!!! Help!!! Motivation.....please!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

TIART and Crazy Running Mom

Todays TIART is about what music I think would play in the movie of my training. Seeing as I haven't run that much yet and don't consider what I am doing "training" yet, it's hard to pick the song for my movie. But, my dad says my theme song for life is Limp Bizkit's My Way or the Highway. So, I think I'll go with that. It's suitable, for now. I do require my body to do what I want as well. And, if it doesn't, it gets to run (the highway).

That all sounds lame. So lame in fact, I don't think I should have written it at all.

On to my visit with Crazy Running Mom. It was fantastic to see her. However, it meant I had to run...a lot. We ran the 4 for the 4th race on the 4th of July (go figure, right?). I run slow I'm almost ashamed to put my time on here. But, I finished 4 miles in 51:09.

BTW, there are no hills in South Texas. In fact, it may be so flat here that some of you would feel like you are running downhill constantly. However, there are hills downtime. I learned that during the race. There were about 5 of them. To those of you that run hills, they may be considered speed bumps. To me...they are HUGE! And I ran up every single one of them! Wahoo! So, race #1 is complete. Time to start thinking about others to participate in for the future!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am losing my mind!

I noticed on Tuesday that some post-its were missing from my desk. Now, normally post-its are not that important. However, these were given to me as a gift for graduating from nursing school and have been pretty-ing up my desk at home for the past few years. I have had no use for them since graduating. What does a nurse need with pink and purple heart shaped post-its. Now, of course, I do use them being that I am at a desk all day. And post-its come in handy!

But, they are missing in action. Someone stole them (or I lost them, whichever). I want them back. No one has returned them as of yet, despite my mass e-mail to my entire department pleading and offering a reward to get them back.

Well, yesterday I lost my cell phone too. Yikes! I need my cell phone. So, I assume since that's two ridiculously important (yes, post-its constitute ridiculously important) things lost in two days, it's probably me. I am losing my mind! I hate it when that happens. And, this is a secret, so shhhhh, it happens a lot.

I have been managing to keep to my running schedule pretty closely. Due to the Coastie being gone this week, I had to skip spinning because puppy is running my life right now. Poor thing with the tiny bladder and no control of it. Please tell me as dogs get older, if they are well trained, they no longer run your life. Because that would be fabulous.

I ran 3 miles yesterday on the treadmill...piece of crap, I mean, it was fun. Today was supposed to be another 3, but my legs were still sore from yesterday (left knee pain continues). Hopefully, I will get it in later today. Crazy running mom gets in today and my even crazier neighbors are picking her up from the airport. She'll be drinking wine before my meeting at work is over (the reason I'm not picking her up).

So, my running continues...and hopefully I will survive the race on Saturday. It is going to be HOT and HUMID. Yes, it deserves capital letters because it's that bad here right now. Why did I want to move to Texas again? Oh yeah, I like heat...supposedly. But, I didn't run before I moved here. I liked it much more when I was inside and inactive.

So, happy almost a holiday weekend to everyone! Be safe. Don't blow your hands off with fireworks. And stay cool!