Thursday, July 23, 2009

Delayed flights are like my running

Sitting (on the dock of the bay) here at the airport waiting for my flight to take off, I have come to a major conclusion. Many things in my life, like running, eating healthy, chores, are like delayed flights. Let me explain...

First the flight gets delayed by an hour. You start to think, thank goodness, I was going to be late anyway, and now God has smiled on me and I will not only make my flight but be early enough to actually use the restroom in the airport rather than the on the plane. This makes you happy because naturally a toilet that doesn't move around due to turbulence is much better than one that does. You ignore the fact that it's a toss up on which one is actually more sanitary. In running, I delay it an hour due to having to use the restroom after getting home late from work (or not wanting to wake up quite that early in the morning). Fantastic, I think to myself as I take the time to use the restroom.

Second, the flight gets delayed another hour and a half. Is it weather you ask? No, it's stupid air traffic control combined with weather. Really? Air traffic control is the reason? Did they just decide my plane was not going to land on time anyway and delay it further? Do they really know 4 hours ahead that they aren't going to let us land? Do they sit up in their tower playing plane roulette? "We'll delay........this one!" They say with their eyes closed and their finger floating over the green radar screen as it lands on the unsuspecting blip on the screen. "Ah yes, this plane it is." Again, much like running to me. I decide to delay the run again with my eyes closed and my finger floating over my weekly calendar saying, "I'll decide to delay.....this run further."

Third, the flight is then delayed another 10 minutes. Really? 10 minutes? You had to actually post that it is delayed yet another 10 minutes. Because in the scheme of things, like a delay of 2 hours and 55 minutes, actually having to tell us that fact it is actually now 3 hours and 5 minutes is really going to make a difference. I couldn't be more upset if they cancelled the freaking flight. (Oh, God, please don't do that). Keep in mind, I'm only 1 hour and 45 minutes into my now 3 hours and 5 minutes delay. Run....still to be continued.

However, here's hoping the plane is only delayed and not cancelled, as all my runs have been for the past 2 weeks. Can you say funk? Get me out of it!!!!!! Help!!! Motivation.....please!


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Girl - it sounds like you are needing a run. I hate when flights are delayed. I am NOT good at waiting. Maybe go for a brisk walk while you are waiting out the delay. Good Luck!

Jesse said...

Air Traffic Control delay? You must have been flying to Chicago! I work for an airline, and if there is one thing I've learned, it's that if a plane is on an air traffic control delay, then the length of delay will almost always double from what you are initally told.

Oh, and as an added bonus about airplane bathrooms, if when you flush the toilet you can see the "blue juice", close the lid real quick. It's actually the blue juice mixed with everything that people have "discarded" into the toilet - it just gets recirculated over and over again. (Not all planes do this, some of them use a vacuum to pull the waste down, which is much preferred!)