Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Screw Tempo Runs & Chafing

Today was attempt numero dos at an outside Tempo Run. No bueno! (For those that don't speak Spanish, that translates into I suck!)

I was supposed to do a Tempo Run with a 1 mile warm-up & cool-down and 4 miles at 11:30. (For those that are faster than me...don't hate...I'll beat you one day!) However, once again, Tempo = Fartlek for me. I ran my warm-up, which can a warm-up suck? I should have just stopped there. But, I'm too dang stubborn to do that and if my calendar says 6 miles, 6 miles is what will be done, one way or another. Unfortunately for me, the latter was true. Mile 2 was great at 11:31, then it was 11:50, 12:30 & 12:17. With some walking at the beginning of miles 3, 4 & 5. The cool-down however was much enjoyed!

So, for me, I say SCREW THE TEMPO RUN! I can't seem to get it. My body is perfectly happy doing this on a treadmill. I guess when you're on a machine and your options are either keep up or fall off the back, you tend to keep up. Besides, the fact that the treadmill kind of pulls you along helps too. Maybe, I can hire someone to attach a rope around my waist and pull me the whole 13.1 miles of my next race! I might keep up then. Or have an attack dog with big fangs follow me...I'd probably keep up then too. Or...I may decide around mile 8 that rabies is more appealing than the chills that come after me getting really hot, along with my vision getting blurry around the edges and the dizziness that I experienced today. (If I remember correctly from nursing school, these were the signs of heat exhaustion, or stroke or something like that...Oops.)

One the run was over and I jumped in the shower to get rid of the running stink, the water burned me. Yay for chafing. It always occurs under my boobs, where the sports bra elastic is. I'm starting to wonder if the reasoning for this is the fact that my bra is about 8 - 10 years old. I recall reading something that says that you should replace sports bras every 6 months. Do you know how much money that would cost? More than I'm willing to pay. I'm also now putting together that my bra may be restricting my breathing...maybe that's the latest excuse for me not being able to complete a Tempo Run.

Either way...Screw Tempo Runs and Screw Chafing. Or, I could just suck it up an call myself a runner...these seem to go with the territory.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Blooded vs Cold Blooded

You know those people that are just naturally cold all the time?

Well...that's me...just ask the Coastie. My feet have the ability to suck all the warmth from his whole body with the touch of one toe in the middle of the night.

My patients would tend to agree as well. Apparently hands like ice can be felt through latex gloves....who knew? However, I have on my side the fact that my hospital keeps the ER at about 60 overnight. (Do they not want our patients to stay too long? Or is it their conniving way to make us stay awake? The world may never know...)

So, with all my reinforcement towards such, I believed myself to be somewhat Cold Blooded. Not in the killer way so much, but in the I need sun and a hot rock to be comfortable way.

(Randomness: the Coastie just made a berry smoothie as thick as a sorbet and gave me a small cup with some whip cream on top! AMAZING!)

Much to my amazement, this self proclaiming Cold Blooded Non-Killer may not really be so Cold Blooded. How did I come to this conclusion, you ask? Tonight's run. It's about 70 degrees out. Not humid. What most would consider perfect running weather. So why on an easy 2 mile run can I get so freaking hot? And not sexy hot either. Red faced, look like I'm going to pass out, call the ambulance now, hot. Lovely...

I leave you with this question, then: Can I be both a Cold Blooded Non-Killer & Not Sexy Hot Blooded at the same time?