Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Workout Plan

I am in the midst of my 2nd week of workouts. I'm following the NROL4W (the New Rules of Lifting for Women) book. It's great. Even after 2 weeks, my butt is less gross. I know TMI, but as most women know, this is actually very important! Hubby notices. Which means good things for me. Wink.

Anyway, having some issues with the eating plan. It advises (for my size) that I eat 2000 calories a day on days I don't workout and 2200 on the days that I do. They give good reason for this. However, I was doing great. Down 5 pounds. Now, back up to the same I started with. I know, I know building muscle. Bull Crap! I don't want to gain weight. So, back to eating like I was, screw the plan on it....for now.

Also, have a running plan. Was supposed to run 2.25 miles today. Only "ran" 2.07. Walked about 3 mintues in there. I have a feeling this was due to the fact that I ran the first mile at a 11:30 pace. Which I'm used to running at a 13:00 pace. Hard to run that slow outside. So, we'll see how I continue to do. Hopefully, I'll start to learn to slow myself down so I can complete the whole thing!