Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fantasy Football & Gold's Girl

If you have ever seen those girls at the gym that are jacked...this post is for you.

I had a slight girl crush on this trainer at the gym. She's RIDICULOUS! Strong, built, amazing. God says we are not supposed to covet what other people have. But God made her, so he's got to know other girls want that. Anyway...I have watched her every day I've been at the gym. When I went through my lifting faze, I almost worked up the courage to talk to her to ask her what she did to look as good as she did. I say almost, because I never did.

The Coastie's ship all decided to participate in Fantasy Football this season. I get to "manage" his team. LUCKY ME! Not. It was an interesting concept until I realized they had draft parties for this type of thing. Weird. Men. And some women apparently. So, we went to the party last weekend to get our team. Much to my surprise, my girl crush happens to be one of the guys from the Coastie's boat's "girlfriend". It's in quotes per some stuff I learned from her yesterday. It's me.

Well, can I tell you I was floored! SO excited. So, she and I got to talking about stuff and she said she'd help me reach my goals. I met with her yesterday and brought my training plan for running to have her help me figure out how to balance lifting and running to get the body of my dreams. I'm back to hoping to look like a fitness model (she actually is, I have learned...and does shows). She asked if I actually want to be in a show. As of right now, the half marathon is priority. After that, I'll think about it. First, I have to get into halfway decent shape.

The plan is to totally change my body by the time the Coastie gets back from being away for 6 weeks. He does come back for about 2 weeks total within there. So, by the time he's back the second time (1 month) I hope to have a big change in my body. She says it's possible. But...and here's the nutrition has to be spot on. I have been eating clean for 1 day now...haha. Wow, one day. But, it's a start. I will bring her my food journal for today to critique. I'm sure she'll be harsh. But, I need help.

So, back on track. I will have to pray on that one.

Monday, August 10, 2009

MIA, AWOL, and the Like

I have been an awful blogger, awful runner, and awful wife. Well, maybe not the last one, this is me we're talking about!

I have a plan! A woman with a plan! That happens to me a lot. I am a woman with a plan about 90% of the time. I am fantastic at planning. Not so fantastic about sticking to it, however. Note to self: work on that!

But, since I have a plan now, I do plan to stick to it. I got up this morning at the ungodly our of 4:30 AM. I made it to the gym. Was told by the Coastie to run for 10 minutes before my planned lifting session. That requires 2 pairs of shoes for 1 gym visit. That ratio is just off to me. I need my running shoes (the treadmill ones) and my lifting shoes. I do not see myself doing squats and step-ups in running shoes. It just sounds like it would kill the cusioning in them. No bueno! So, elliptical it was.

So, here's my workout:

10 min warmup on Elliptical (interval setting - cause that makes a difference when it's 10 minutes!)

15 squats @ Olympic Bar (45lb) x 2 sets

15 pushups
15 Seated Rows @ setting 4 (40 lb? - never have figured that out)
10 pushups
15 Seated Rows @ setting 4

15 Step-ups each leg @ Height of 6 stepper-riser thingys w/ 20 lbs total
12 Stability ball crunches w/ 8 lb Coreball
15 Step-ups each leg @ Height of 6 stepper-riser thingys w/ 20 lbs total
12 Stability ball crunches w/ 8 lb Coreball

So, yay for that! In other news...I lost my Polar HRM strap. Have the watch. My Garmin is the GREATEST! However, no bueno for inside. So, I have no idea how many calories I burned. Hopefully enough to burn off the bit of Movie Theater popcorn I ate yesterday.

P.S. Harry Potter Rocks!