Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Recap

You would think I'd need a busier/more exciting life to warrant a weekly recap. However, since life in the Coastal Bend is less than interesting, this week warrants one. As, I think it might be the best week since we've been here.

Monday started out just fine, as Mondays go. I went to Bible Study. Worked. Ok, so boring as usual.

Tuesday, I came home to the Coastie cooking a mean meal after my 3 mile treadmill run. He poured some wine, and then announced during his "toast" that he made the list for Lieutenant. I almost choked on wine...but what a way to go! However, this doesn't really happen until May. They apparently put a list out that tells everyone who is going to make it. As we were sitting down to eat, we checked the message on the answering machine. I have become immune to the annoyance that is the red flashing light on the machine, but the Coastie can't ignore it. I wish he had. My neighbor died Monday night. Yuck. We went to show support and the whole neighborhood was there. That means wine. Once we left, the rest of the neighborhood stood outside drinking wine. The Coastie included. He had 1 (maybe 2) too many. Fun times.

Wednesday, I actually don't remember Wednesday. I ran...I know that. 3 miles. Treadmill. I also think there was wine again. running. Yay! I went to the viewing of my neighbor. And at the risk of sounding morbid, he looked like he was sleeping. SO good. After that, the Coastie and I went to our neighbors house for wine. Wow, we're drunks. The Coastie once again had 1 too many. Wow, have the roles reversed or what.

Friday, we had Happy Hour at our house. MORE WINE! LOTS MORE! Man, those people can drink us under the table. I refrained from too much, as I had my first long run...that I was going to attempt outside. The Coastie yet again had 1 too many. Fun times.

Saturday...HOLY CRAP! I had a 7-miler planned, for outside. Without being sure I could do it, I headed out with my i-pod, handheld H2O device, and my Garmin (I need to name it). The first 3 miles were amazing...the weather was cool, not really sweating, no difficulty breathing...nice. The next 2 were still nice. I ran through some mansions (well, outside, through the neighborhood that had mansions) and was thinking how nice it would be to run there again. Mile 5...HOT! Is it me, or did it seriously just warm up about 10 degrees? This is also the time that I conveniently lost the sidewalk & shoulder of the street. Note to self: to avoid running on the grass, check your loop before you run it. That was a not-so-fun mile. Mile 6: yay, sidewalk! Mile 6.75: Am I done yet? Mile 7: STOP. Mile 7.25: OMG, did I just do that. Me, jumping up and down, arms flailing wildly, pumping the air. I'm sure some poor soul in a car was about to call the people with the straight jackets on me.

So, that was my week. I ran more than I have ever run. I ran further than I have ever run. I proved to myself I could do it. I'm actually looking forward to next weekend's 8-miler.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shoes make all the difference!

People say that accessories make the outfit. However, I disagree. Shoes make the outfit!

I am coming out of the closet. I am a shoe whore. It's no wonder that the Coastie and I have a deal that for every new pair of shoe I buy, I have to get rid of 2. He's trying to dwindle down the number of pairs that I have. I think he may resent the fact that my shoes tend to breed like rabbits and are rapidly taking over his side of the closet. My thought is that it serves him right for taking 50% of the closet for himself. I mean, you have that many clothes? Unfortunately, he does. I think he's secretly a clothes whore, but that's my opinion. Who cares if 1/2 his clothes are government issue & navy blue. Should have thought of that before you signed your life away!

I am currently sitting at my desk with my newest pair of shoes. Shiny black flats. I bought them for comfort (joke's on me) and for the pants that I own that are a tad short. (I have come to realize that I am not considered petite when it comes to pants....5'3" and I'm too tall for them). I had to put band-aids on to get them to stop hurting this morning, but nothing was going to stop me from wearing them.

But, shoes have the ability to make you feel beautiful, flirty, fun....invincible. For example, my leopard print stilettos. I wear those, and I feel edgy. I feel trendy. No one is going to make me feel bad about myself when I have those suckers on!

However, I had a realization yesterday at the gym about how great a pair of shoes can make you feel. I was in the locker room changing...guys, get your mind out of the gutter, women's locker rooms are not that great...and I started to lace up my running shoes for my easy 3-miler (it was going to rain, hence the treadmill) and I looked down and realized I was in love....with my running shoes.

My Brooks Defyances are a beautiful shade of blue. The color reminds me of the clearest blue sky you could imagine on a slightly cool spring day. Continuing to lace them up, I realized that these shoes are my favorite. I use them solely for treadmills right now, as I have their predecessors as my outdoor shoes. These shoes are the ones that make me feel invincible. I'm not a fast runner, nor a long distance runner (yet), but with these shoes on, I feel that doesn't matter...I'm a runner. These shoes can take me beyond what I thought my limits were. They take me past the pain, past the tiredness, and to a place of euphoria....a place where I feel like I could run forever. These babies are truly amazing

Shoes....make all the difference!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Am I dead yet?


I'm at work on a Sunday...

Going on 3 weeks straight with 1 day off...

12 hour shifts since 9/30...

Holy crap am I tired!

No running, no life, no happiness. Well, ok, there is happiness in there periodically.

I just want my life back.

So, that's the ramblings of a tired, over-worked, delerious me.