Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shoes make all the difference!

People say that accessories make the outfit. However, I disagree. Shoes make the outfit!

I am coming out of the closet. I am a shoe whore. It's no wonder that the Coastie and I have a deal that for every new pair of shoe I buy, I have to get rid of 2. He's trying to dwindle down the number of pairs that I have. I think he may resent the fact that my shoes tend to breed like rabbits and are rapidly taking over his side of the closet. My thought is that it serves him right for taking 50% of the closet for himself. I mean, you have that many clothes? Unfortunately, he does. I think he's secretly a clothes whore, but that's my opinion. Who cares if 1/2 his clothes are government issue & navy blue. Should have thought of that before you signed your life away!

I am currently sitting at my desk with my newest pair of shoes. Shiny black flats. I bought them for comfort (joke's on me) and for the pants that I own that are a tad short. (I have come to realize that I am not considered petite when it comes to pants....5'3" and I'm too tall for them). I had to put band-aids on to get them to stop hurting this morning, but nothing was going to stop me from wearing them.

But, shoes have the ability to make you feel beautiful, flirty, fun....invincible. For example, my leopard print stilettos. I wear those, and I feel edgy. I feel trendy. No one is going to make me feel bad about myself when I have those suckers on!

However, I had a realization yesterday at the gym about how great a pair of shoes can make you feel. I was in the locker room changing...guys, get your mind out of the gutter, women's locker rooms are not that great...and I started to lace up my running shoes for my easy 3-miler (it was going to rain, hence the treadmill) and I looked down and realized I was in love....with my running shoes.

My Brooks Defyances are a beautiful shade of blue. The color reminds me of the clearest blue sky you could imagine on a slightly cool spring day. Continuing to lace them up, I realized that these shoes are my favorite. I use them solely for treadmills right now, as I have their predecessors as my outdoor shoes. These shoes are the ones that make me feel invincible. I'm not a fast runner, nor a long distance runner (yet), but with these shoes on, I feel that doesn't matter...I'm a runner. These shoes can take me beyond what I thought my limits were. They take me past the pain, past the tiredness, and to a place of euphoria....a place where I feel like I could run forever. These babies are truly amazing

Shoes....make all the difference!

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