Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pretty proud of myself....yesterday

Yesterday was rough. I was tired, so didn't get up for my usual workout. Slacker, I know. Plus, my parents were coming in to town. However, they left late and that granted me the perfect opportunity to go out for my 2 mile run. I headed out with my Garmin and no ipod. Nothing to keep me company but my thoughts. It was actually quite nice. Got a tad dark and windy by the end.

But, to the proud part, this is the first time I have given up lifting for running. It's progress! I will still lift this week end, but my running just took priority, well, I hope it did anyway.

Thanks to John "Penguin" Bingham and No Need for Speed for the added motivation. Great book, I highly recommend it!

While you're this blog too! Fitnessista

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Denise said...

I've been running without an ipod lately, too. I tought it would stink but I'm really enjoying it.