Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disinfection Perfection

So...Swine Flu. Yucky. I happen to work at one of the hospitals that has confirmed a few cases. The hubby being in the Coast Guard, and (if you do your reasearch) in our area one of our fabulous coasties has gotten it as well. Have yet to find out who, if I know him, and better yet, if I've come into contact with him recently.

So, at work, I work in the ER (sort of), flu city. I was already avoiding it like the plague because JCAHO was visiting, but now I'm really avoiding it. I don't want to get sick. Everyone at work is going crazy disinfecting everything. No one is shaking hands, no one at church is holding hands during the Lord's Prayer, it's quarantine time here. School closings, parade cancellations, well, half way, and overall mass hysteria. I decided on my way home from work to stop and pick up some hand sanitizer for home since my family is coming in from out of town and I don't want them to get me sick or this place to get them sick. Would you believe that I stopped at 2 stores and both were completely out of it. Not one bottle left. Not even a bottle of antibacterial soap. I find that hilarious. First, antibacterial kills, well, bacteria. The flu is a virus, people! You need to check stuff to make sure it kills the flu. I was able to find some Clorox spray that says right on the bottle that it kills Flu A & B.

My house is sufficiently sanitized for my protection. Now, I need to mandate everyone that comes in use one of the million hand sanitizers I have or soap. Or, if you're me....both! I also have this kind of funny headache going on now. Clorox in closed spaces may not have been a good idea.

I did however find out how it got started...

Kinda funny, right. But so wrong on so many levels.

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stephchows said...

A friend just sent me that picture yesterday... BLEH!!! hahaha. Glad you found my site!! Nice to meet you :)