Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back to it!

I went home last night after a long few days of work and am SUPER excited. Last weekend, the hubby and I spent the entire weekend planting and digging up our backyard. We wanted it to look beautiful. And it does! However, I am not a gardener, so I had no idea how much manual labor that really entails. A LOT!

So, anyway, we planted palm trees, removed them due to how big they were going to get, moved some of them and took others back. Then we planted some hibiscus, bulbs, and sage. I kill things, though. You've heard of the "brown thumb", but I have the black thumb of death. Every plant I have ever owned or come into contact with has died. My husband is extremely good at reviving them, but he shouldn't have to. I told myself that I was going to do better this time! I was going to take care of these plants and flowers to make it pretty outside. I realized though that I forgot to water them on Tuesday. So, I went home yesterday and watered them. Much to my surprise, there were already flowers!

I was SUPER excited! Here are a few of them:

These are Apricot Hibiscuses. My personal favorite! Look! 3 flowers!
This one is my husband's favorite. I forget what kind of Hibiscus it is, but it's red - his favorite color!
So, I am going to keep trying to take care of these puppies so they can be beautiful for a long time!

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