Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow - I'm beat.

So, yesterday officially ended our big Build Fest at work. It's software build - very boring for people who aren't me. I'm a nurse and doing software build - kind of funny. Anywho~it's over! And, I made it. That may not seem like much, but I'm proud. The team for our hospital was put together last summer. Everyone was trained and certified (not certifiable, like I believe I am) before I even came to the team. I started my training the last week of October and was completely certified by December 11. By the time I got back, that was 1 month. I'm proud to say that means I got certified faster than anyone on our team (maybe with the highest scores too). We expected to not be on track with everyone else because of how much later I got started, but we met the deadline of the entire team. Sorry, I have to toot my own horn here because I very rarely am proud of myself.

However, I am now exhausted. I haven't slept very well for about a week. My eating has been shot to heck due to massive cravings of donuts and the like. I've been praying to get back on track, but sometimes my stomach speaks to me a tad louder than God. Sorry, God, I swear I'm trying. Today, it has all caught up with me. I woke up with a headache that is finally subsiding. I needed coffee, so I stopped at Starbucks, which also means an Apple Fritter. YUCK. I love them, enjoyed it, but I'm not enjoying the after effects of the sugar right now. In fact, it may be the reason for my lack of sleep.

On the up side (roller-coaster today, I apologize), I was able to run my allotted 3.3 miles yesterday. Downer - did not get up for my morning lifting today. Upper - I will go after work and complete spinning. Upper - rest day tomorrow. Upper - will go to sleep really early tonight and take something to ensure I get the sleep.

So, yay for me. Yay for life. Boo for tiredness.

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