Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excedrin is my friend

On my days off I have this horrible habit of not drinking enough water. Which is usually ironic because we have a water bottle cooler do-hickey in the kitchen specifically for the purpose of giving us more water to drink. Normally, this is great, as I have the Coastie home to refill said water bottle for me to stop the incredibly annoying beeping and blinking light that ensues when it becomes empty. I am in the unfortunate predicament that I am both off work for 6 days and without the Coastie.

This morning I woke up with the worst headache. OK, I'm exagerating. It was not the worst. Just bad. And dehydration enduced. You would think being a nurse, I would have a wonderful way to get rid of headaches. I do. It's called Excedrin. You would also think that I would take this immediately and drink some water. You would be wrong. It took me until 3 PM to take anything. I did take it with water and am now on glass numero tres. My headache is cured, but my lack of motivation to go running is not.

To keep myself honest, I am going to PROMISE to y'all that I will actually run tomorrow.

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