Monday, February 13, 2012

Manic Monday

In the life of a stay at home mom (which I currently am for a few more days), Mondays are pretty much the same as any other day with one excpetion: husbands go back to work. And with them go the extra set of hands.
For all you men out there (which I am sure there are none), an extra set of hands is not all you are. However, for moms, it is a large part of it.
Today, I have a plan to get a lot done. A large portion of which means I have to leave the house. If there is one thing I have learned now that Mr. R. is here, it's that leaving the house is a production. I have to make sure I have bottles, a change of clothes, diapers, pacifier, jacket, all the things I need to actually run my errands, etc. So, to leave the house, it takes me an extra 20 minutes or more. Inevitably, Mr. R. decides he's either hungry or needs to mess his diaper at the exact time it is to leave. For a person that is usually anal-retentively on time or early, I am now perpetually late.
On top of needing to leave the house, which requires me to shower, get dressed, and actually do my hair and make-up (until I lose this extra 20 lbs, the last 2 steps are a necessity to feel normal), I am applying to grad schools. One application is due tomorrow. Working on completing that is important too, especially since I just paid one of the 2 application fees.
The only thing getting me through: I might be able to watch Twilight tonight with the Coastie. Wow, this is what I now look forward to...
So far, I have successfully showered before Mr. R. woke up fully, I had 1 cup of coffee (more to come), ate breakfast, changed a dirty diaper, and actually let the dog out and fed her. I call today a success already!
Hope everyone has a Manic Monday just like me!

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