Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Am I hooked?

This post should have been for Sunday, but with work....and life...that was not going to happen. I hate that.


Sunday was my long run. (I'm ecstatic that I can finally say "long run". That in itself, feels good.) It was 8 lovely miles. I ran the same route as last weekend, only this time, it was less than what was needed & had to run 1/2 mile around my neighborhood (past my house) to finish. But....I finished! The only time I walked was to have some gel stuff. My choice was Cliff gel in Mocha. It was better than the tangerine PowerGel crap I tried last weekend that made me gag after 2 bites (sips? swallows?). It worked! No stomach issues, and it carried me through the second half.

Needless to say...I may be hooked finally.

You take away the pain (the last 2 miles I thought my legs would give out), the injuries (I had massive knee pain & a bleeding toe), the neuisance abrasions (think hickies from my ipod, my bra, my garmin, etc), and the fact that I think running makes me gain weight and you've got me hooked.

Also, I think I have to retire my first pair of running shoes. They're about 3 years old, but I've only been running on them for about 1 1/2, and not many miles at that. But, I think all my walking around in them & working out in them have worn them down. I'll let you know at the end of the week if that's what I decide to do.


Jesse said...

8 miles is a fun distance to run. And it does get easier - do it a few more times and you won't be as sore afterwards.

If you've been wearing your shoes walking around and working out in them, you DEFINITELY need to retire them. You can still use them to walk around and work out in, but get a new pair and use them only for running.

Denise said...

Congrats on the long run!!

I can't handle the gels/gus so I switched to clif shot bloks. I eat one at a time every 2.5 miles, rather than 3 at once, and I have no stomach problems.

Alene said...

WOW girl - that's awesome. I've been missing you. Hope all is well.

Melody said...

awesome! I'm also preparing to do a half-marathon in February! The Mardi-Gras Rock & Roll marathon in New Orleans :) I can't wait! and i can't wait to hear about yours :)