Monday, March 2, 2009

Finished Stage 1!

So, today was my last day of regular workouts for NROL4W Stage 1. Sitting at work today at a desk makes me realize how sore I get from not moving around so much. Life in the ER was all about run, run, run. Here it's sit, sit, sit. Then I go home, and yep, sit some more. I'm trying to get out of that rut. At least on the weekends.

However, today was interesting with eating. I brought my lunch, for one. That, of course, means I didn't want it once it came lunch time. I went to the cafeteria and really wanted a burger. Got a chicken sandwich instead. So glad I got that, so WISH I'd gotten the burger. The sandwich was GROSS! Cold, dry, tasteless. YUCK! But, it kept me on track for today.

So, totally not doing my homework for my Bible Study. I should, but I don't. Not really following my Lenten promise of reading scripture everyday either. Makes me sad. I should be able to do that. But, alas, I forget and a week goes by and then I remember I never did it. Ugh!

So, another rant on not following through with things. Such is my life. Always have high hopes, never stick with it. Like my new goal of wanting to see my abs by the summer. This means a reduction in body fat, and eating really healthy (don't even get me started on eating clean). So, yesterday my husband and I went to the movies and I brought a healthy muffin that I stashed in my purse. I ate it, and half my husband's popcorn. So much for that goal. He says I need to treat myself and that I do eat healthy most of the time. I feel that I don't eat healthy most of the time and treat myself ALL of the time. Only God knows the truth. Eating Clean was a new goal as well. HA! Do you KNOW how much processed food is out there? It's everywhere! AHHH! Save me from the processed foods!

BAH! I've got the Mondays!

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