Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a Wild Wednesday

I've noticed of the course of the last year that Wednesdays tend to be a lot more strange than any other day. Is it that God decides to throw you some crazy curve ball to show you that you may think the week is over, but in fact he made it 7 days long and baby, you're only half way there? Or is it that I tend to be tired around this time of the week so things bother me more?

While that's worth contemplating some day...right now...not so much the day.

Today was nothing short of a Wild Wednesday for your beloved pink blog girl. (that's, not blue anymore...happy colors) It started out with a meeting bright and early. Had I known it was going to turn out the way it did, I would havehad my coffee before the meeting, not'd think I'd learn.

Alas, I haven't. Well, it was "let's attack Becky" day at the meeting and no one disappointed. Just wish I was on that memo-list so I could have had that coffee and brought armor. (Note to self: bring armor to ALL meetings) Needless to say, physicians are FANTASTIC at making you feel like crap. I left feeling like I should quit and go away to Mexico (however, due to recent events in the news...maybe a nice country would be better...Australia anyone?).

I'm supposed to be asking God for wisdom. I'm sure today I could have used some of that in my meeting, but what I need more than anything right now is patience and perserverence. I'm very much feeling like I don't want to stay still. I want to move forward. I want to move towards the next steps in job, larger family, another half marathon...

So, God, please help me to stay patient and perservere through my slump...and if you have anything left over after that...could you give me more speed too?

P.S. I will run tomorrow...I will, I will. As long as it stops raining. Or the Coastie comes home to take care of the doggy.

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Razz said...

Well, it was "let's attack Becky" day at the meeting and no one disappointed.

I may have to borrow for the Becky part, of course. :)