Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy TV Shows

I just got finished watching a 2 hour Criminal Minds and I am left with 1 question: Who thinks this stuff up? I'm more worried about encountering the people that are paid to sit in a room and think up crazy stories to put on this show than I am of running into one of their characters. You have to be seriously crazy to have all that running around in your mind! From serial killers who eat their kills to people that hurt children...I'm not sure I could deal with being the person in charge of creating all that craziness!

On a more important note, the Coastie and I are safely in our new "home" in Florida. From the east coast to the south to the east coast again. It's going to be me seeing the country on the government's dime because we have moved so many times! We are currently searching for a gym to help me lose these 10 lbs I've gained while not running and dealing with the stress of a move!

I also start my work back in the ED tomorrow! Orientation was not great, but tomorrow I am back on the unit. Gotta love patient care!

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