Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Forcing myself to change

It's 11:35 on Tuesday night and I'm sitting on my couch trying to find ways to stay awake. Switching from a day schedule to a night schedule is hard. My night shifts at the hospital start tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to the inevitable crash at 6 AM....1 hour premature.

1. I went to the gym. I'm back to lifting, at least I hope I am. I'm going back to my old favorite, the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I figure, I'll start there, get back into it, and then branch out to what I really want to do...one of those plans that is chest this day, arms that day, etc. I need a foundation before I do that. I know me, I'll quit.

2. I read a magazine about exercising. Yay for Women's Running and Muscle & Fitness Hers magazines. Lots of inspiration!

I do have to say...I was in the best shape of my life when I was working nights...well, ok not really the best...that was when I was crazy person getting up at 3:45 AM to make it to the gym at 4 because I refused to be late (on time) to work at 8. That was the best. But, other than crazy person, night shift was where it was at for exercising.

After 2, I'm out of ideas of what to do. No, 3. I wrote my blog entry. Ok, now I'm out of ideas. I was hoping to stay up until at least 2 or 3. Not so much.

Maybe it's time for some TV and hoping it doesn't wake up the Coastie.

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