Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old Friends and New Ideas

I'm sitting here after getting off the phone with a friend from Texas. I blinked and I have been in FL for a month. Yikes...where did the time go? It's so great to talk to friends that know you after being surrounded by people that don't. I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not, I can just be. I'm working on just "being" here in FL with my new job and new friends. It's hard. However, I feel like the people I have surrounded myself with will very much allow me to be myself.

I can't help but wonder, though, if new ideas come from new situations. For example, I am having a very hard time keeping up with the running. I ran yesterday morning, but it left much to be desired. I am going to try running this evening (hopefully). I'm trying to mix it up a bit to learn where I will end up here.

I have a vision of myself and this tall, skinny, runner-chick that dresses in running related clothes all day everyday (minus the scrubs at work) and still look amazing. At 5'3", I'm sure the tall thing is not happening. However, the dream of being skinny may never go away. I do, unfortunately, have this eating problem. Since I got home last night, I have tried to eat my weight in snack food and continue to sit an complain about not being in the shape I want to be. Do you see the problem here?

So, I need to make a change. A change to go along with all the other changes, new state, new house, new job, new friends...same me. Change 1: run. None of this saying I'm a runner and not really putting in the miles. I'm going to actually do the work and then be proud of myself when I reap the rewards of my hard work. Change 2: eat healthier...notice that it does not say to eat healthy, but rather healthier. That is because there are certain things I may not be able to give up. No, that's not right, there are certain things I am not willing to give up!

I've already started on Change 3: Be the best nurse I can be!

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