Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hectic Life

This week is bitter sweet.

I am ridiculously busy at work. Ya'll can tell from my countdown that I have 7 days until life as I know it is over. It's ok. I'm proud of my project. I take pride in all I have accomplished. However, my project manager doesn't seem to understand how hard I work with the few resources given to me. He's opted not to keep me on full time after it's over. Piece of crap! So, I will be heading home to the ER. I'm actually excited. I miss my sick kiddos. Not wanting to go back to be a lowly staff nurse after busting my butt for the last year, I took it upon myself to apply for a coordinator position. I had my interview with my director and the other coordinators yesterday. I think I got the job.

I'm not too sure, though. It was not said that I did, but it ended with deciding where my desk would go. And then, when I thanked my director for meeting with me, she said all she needed to do was talk to my project manager and put in the promotion paperwork. I don't want to assume, but I'm kind of excited!

Also, I have the opportunity next time we transfer to travel as a consultant for what I'm doing now. Plus, I want to go back to school for it. So, we shall see.

On the running front...I am heading to the gym after work to do my 3 miles. It's small to those of you that run marathons, but I'm just starting training for my first half marathon. And to me, 3 is still a milestone. Heck, I ran 5 for the first time ever on Sunday!

I love the feeling of every week being a first. It's very motivating.

And it helps me keep the weight off. My tummy's coming back!

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Alene said...

Thanks for sharing. I love new adventures, as well. And girl, I need to come run along side of you if it will take my tummy off!!!!! See you Tuesday. BTW - it was great meeting you in person! Blessings my Coastie friend.