Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday, Saturday!

If you're anything like me, you just had cheesy 80s music running through your head. The Coastie's not home until next Friday. This means a weekend to myself. With all intents of running and cleaning the house and completing all necessary chores that come with owning a home, I woke up at 7:30 for puppy (alarm went off at 7:00, but hah, it's Saturday). I took her out, met pretty much the whole neighborhood, was accused of child abuse (jokingly) for not having already fed said puppy. Went inside, made us both breakfast, had coffee, and promptly sat my butt in front of the TV and did not move until I had to go to my hair appointment. Yay for motivation!

So much for work.

Hair appointment went well. I am now a darker brunette with some red splashed in....with bangs (yikes!).

Decided to get a massage. TOTALLY worth it!

Bought puppy & kitty food and the like. (My one errand actually completed)

Purchased some Raw food books to see if I can tolerate eating about 80% of my diet as raw. I can do more when the Coastie's not home. But, once he comes home it will be chicken or steak for dinner with pasta or some cooked veggie. So, I will leave dinner to be the one non-raw meal. Well, that's the goal. I have to get through the books first and go grocery shopping.

All other errands are for tomorrow!

P.S. Still haven't run.

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