Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yes...I am a slacker

It's been a ridiculous last 2 weeks. Between working so much and the Coastie being gone, it's been a bit tough. Granted, he was here this past week. So, life should be good, right? Well, it is...for now. So, how about a recap!

Lifting: Did it, missed a day and tried to fit it all in to one....NOT a good idea. Jello arms anyone?

Running: Flaked...totally. I suck. Oh, and training starts tomorrow. YIKES!

Work: See new count down at the side of this blog to know just how close to losing it I am. Oh, and did I mention my mangers forgot that they under-staffed my team with....just me. So, that means 14 straight days of 12 hour shifts. Life sucks. However, 88 hours of overtime may just make up for it!

Life: SUGARLAND ROCKS! Went to their concert and I am officially a pseudo-lesbian. Not really, but I may qualify if I have one more girl crush. Jen is pretty darn sexy!

This week will be lots of work. But, I'm gonna get up at 4 AM to work out every day! I am! I am! Or shall I say, I think I can, I think I can.

You know who motivates me? This woman! I have no kids, only furry ones, and I can't find any time to do anything. How does she do it? And she has time to come up with fabulous give aways! Needless to say, I love Nuun too, and have similar stomach issues.

Too bad work stopped my ability to read blogs at work. Otherwise my motivation would be way up there right now. Tomorrow, stay tuned for a recap of my learnings from Gold's Girl.

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