Sunday, June 28, 2009

Light bulb moment

I had this light bulb moment yesterday. Or, as the Coastie called it, a blonde moment. For the record, I have dark brown hair that I recently highlighted with a light brown. I am not at all blonde. Disclaimer: I have no ill will towards blondes. I am readying Marathoning for Mortals by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield.

It's a wonderful book for people of all running levels. It's for extreme beginners such as myself to the elite atheletes. It talks about the best approaches to each type of run you will use during training. So, i decided to test the principle on my 4.5 mi run yesterday. Granted it was a treadmill run because it's too freaking hot to run outside, but the principle for long runs worked. The slower you run them, the longer you can run. Ha! I felt like the biggest idiot because you would think this would be common sense. However, I have this unofficial goal of averaging 12:00/mile on my half marathon. I felt I should run this pace on my long runs to train myself to do it. Apparently, you run slow on long runs just to add miles and run fast on tempo runs to gain speed. Go figure. Glad I bought the book or I would probably never make it to the race.
Other neat news! Crazy Running Mom is coming to town Thursday and has talked my into running my very first race. No kidding, I've never even run a 5K before. So, my intro to races is a 4 miler. It is likely to be too hot and too humid, but she will be right there next to me helping me along the way. I hope to finish in about 50 minutes. More so, I hope they haven't closed the finish line by the time I am done so I can enjoy the true end to a race. I have no hopes of ever running fast. Or, as some would say, Half Fast. I plan to be utterly slow for most of my running career.
So, hopefully I can make it through yet another week of running, working out, working, and taking care of my kiddos.

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Jesse said...

Good luck on your first race! My very first was a half-marathon, but sometimes I wish I would have done a shorter one first, just to get the feel for running with a bunch of other people in that kind of setting.