Friday, June 19, 2009

Lumpy Bumpy Puppy

So, this post will not be about running...sorry.

If you check out this post you will see my kiddos. Well, the canine kiddo got stung my something yesterday. Now, I am the first to admit, I am not a dog person. So, that means I know nothing of their ability to get sick or anything. My first assumption was always that it was very different than humans. Give me a human, and I'll do whatever is needed. Dogs, not so much. Well, I called home before leaving work and talked to the Coastie. He said that she was throwing up. She had drank a lot of water, projectile vomitted the water back up, and proceeded to throw up bile a few more times...4 maybe? Sorry for the weak's the nurse in me.

First thought: silly puppy drank too much water too fast.

So, I decided to skip my planned trip to the tanning salon and go home to see if she was ok.

She was sleepy (not usual...she's a puppy after all). And she came and crawled in my lap on the floor and proceeded to look very strange. Fur got all mottled...face looked pathetic. Within seconds...puppy was bumpy. Dogs get hives. Didn't know that. So, I freaked out and called the vet and took her right in. Luckily the vet that saw her was her vet, so she knew this was different. The vet tech said it best when she called Mac a "Lumpy, Bumpy Puppy". So, one Benedryl shot and one steroid shot and $135 later, she was cured. Sting of some sort, apparently.

All I can think of now is, I wish I had a picture. I'm a horrible Dog Mommy.

But, it looked something like this, except ALL OVER HER BODY!



bb said...

OH NO, lumpy puppy! Hahaha, poor thing. My pup keeps snapping at bees in the yard...she might be next!

soxchik said...

Poor puppy. My dog is afraid to go outside, she freaks out over sticker burs. Such a wimp. But that reduces the chances of a lumpy bumpy sheltie.