Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturdays...Love them...Wish there were more of them.

So, puppy is normal again! YAY! Do have to say, she actually likes children's benedryl.

Running, the real point of all of this...

This sucked. And by suck, I mean super suck. The 4 mile loop was the plan, but didn't happed. I finished it...with 4 walking periods. Who would have thought that 8:00 AM was too late to run. Too hot. Way too hot. That mixed with no food = this nurse went no where. I would even like to say I went nowhere fast, but I went nowhere really really slow. So, another crap session.

I either need to run at 8:00 PM and eat dinner at 5:00 PM or run at 4:00 AM and risk being one of "those" people. I used to go to the gym at that time. Something about running around in the dark kind of scares me. Any pros have some thoughts on that? I'm guessing just don't wear headphones so you can hear things. Things like creepy guys running after you.

Oh! Highlight of today is I got my hair cut finally. I feel like myself now. The "new" me. The running me. The runner me...dare I say. That and the Coastie thinks it's sexy...score! Hopefully figuratively and literally! (Hey, I'm still young, no judging!)

Happy Saturday!

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Jesse said...

It's hot here at 8am in the midwest. I lived in Texas for a couple of years (before I started running), and can't imagine trying to do any sort of physical activity outside in the summer.