Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ouch, my knees.

Yesterday was rough. I did not want to wake up to go to the gym to run (since at 4 am, it's still to freaking hot). So, I told myself I would go after work. And, I did. Had to leave early from work to do it...too bad, right?! Nah, that was the nice part.

The bad part...1 mile in, my left knee started hurting...again. It did this the other day when I was running on the treadmill, but the nurse in me said to ignore it. (Because the nurse in me hates doctors...so she must ignore all minor, and sometimes major, issues). However, by the time I was done (3.75 miles later) I could hardly walk off the treadmill once I stopped it. Normal aches, right? Maybe...we shall see.

The run was boring enough, since I was at the gym, on a treadmill, staring at the gym sign on the other side of the wall to keep focus on something other than my hurting knee. I was able to complete my desired mileage without having too much trouble breathing. Thanks to my previous lightbulb moment. However, the burning leg sensation was somewhat new. It was pretty much constant the entire time. And, I have a feeling had I not been on a treadmill, that I would have stopped running.

After my run, I took a "runner's shower"...or just changed, whichever way you put it, and headed over to my friend's house for Mac's first play date with a dog about 10 times her size. Picture my small terrier mix running around with an Italian Mastiff. Kind of funny actually. Poor thing almost got stepped on numerous times. However, after the initial insecurity, she came around and started playing like she knew the dog forever. So cute.

However, back to work.


HEATHER said...

treadmills hurt my legs too :(

Jesse said...

Running on the treadmill seems to cause more problems for me than running on the road.