Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Local Fleet Feet

On Tuesday, I went to my local Fleet Feet store to find one of those handy water bottle belts. You see, south Texas Not just hot, but stifling hot. Humidity should not be allowed to get above 80 %. Especially if it hasn't rained in say...weeks, months...ever. But, God failed to tell South Texas about this rule. On my run last week (which I managed to run most of my 4 mile loop), I was dizzy by the end. Like trip over my feet and bite it dizzy. So, I had an epiphany...WATER! I've always heard water was necessary during a workout. But, I finally felt it was time to test this theory out.

Needless to say, Fleet Feet was out of them. The very nice and super knowledgeable girl talked me into a hand held H2O container. 3 color choices! Black, red, and pink. Well, naturally I chose pink, and now I can't pawn it off on the hubby since running while holding something is the STUPIDEST idea ever. My back hurt, my arm hurt, my hand was dripping with sweat. Yuck! That combined with my lack of running of a 3 mile loop meant disaster. But, Fleet Feet girl redeamed herself! Nuun. Lemon-Lime. Yum. Sort of. So, I am a product of the KoolAid era. Drinks are supposed to be sweet. Think chewing your liquid. So, it's not. But, it does flavor my water nicely and help me from feeling too hot.

Could this new product be the reason I was able to run 5 miles yesterday, on a treadmill, with no music or TV. Spinning was full...piece of crap I ran...until it was over!


bb said...

Nice run! Running on a treadmill might be my least favorite type of must be tough!

I've never tried Nuun, but I've heard good things. I'm the opposite though-- if it's too sweet I can't handle it :(

HEATHER said...

oooh...i HATE my fuel belt and was just about to order a hand held waterbottle...hmmm. But I think I might try the Nuun!

Jesse said...

I've yet to try nuun, but I've been meaning to for some time now.

As for belts, I don't run without my Camelback hydration belt. I seem to need water every 3 minutes, especially when it's hot out. Can't imagine carrying a bottle in my hand.