Thursday, June 25, 2009


Take it and run Thursday's theme is: Yeah, no one ever told me this about running....

So, no one ever told me how much time it takes.

As those of who actually follow me know, I'm extremely new to running. My Crazy Running Mom (yes, that's her name) got me into running. And running is not something I actually enjoy yet. I enjoy it when it's done. Yes, the time I stop is my favorite part of my run. From my understanding, running is not supposed to take much time. You are supposed to be able to go out for a "quick 3 miles" or a "short run". However, when you start, people fail to tell you that these "short runs" are actually quite time consuming. That is, when you run an average of a 12:00 minute mile.

So, my "quick 3 miles" are 35 minutes. And my "short runs" exceed 30 minutes. That, to me, is not quick. Now, I am not new to hard exercising. I have lifted, I have spun, I have done it all. Well, not all per se. I have done a lot, or at least, I have done something. But, I got a dog. Well, puppy. And puppies take time. LOTS of time. So, running taking time right now, seems like a lot more than I can afford right now.

On a positive note, this is the first week I have actually stuck to my plan. Except today. Yesterday I took my spinning class (the first time in a month...or the first time since we got the puppy, your choice) and the Coastie said I should rest today and not run this morning (the class ended at 7 pm last night). So, this morning I did not run. Tonight, I did not run. I drank instead. More about that later. So, tomorrow AM is my 4.5 mile run (that's long to me, shut up!).

Today I worked 1/2 a day at the office and then traveled to Houston to see another Hospital. I was intending to meet my CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) here to meet with my counterpart at this Houston Hospital. But, I ended up eating (and drinking) dinner with my CNO, the CNO of Houston Hospital, both their husbands, and the CFO (bean counter) of Houston Hospital. I'm an ED nurse. A staff nurse. These big wigs kind of scare me. That and I'm young enough to be their children. In fact, I think the CNOs graduated from nursing school when I was 3. Talk about out of my element. However, both run! YAY! Running connections!

So, I'm in Houston. Tired. Slightly drunk. And needing to run in the AM. It is good night and T.G.I.F. tomorrow to you all!


bb said...

Training is very time consuming...the best advice I can give is to save your long runs for the weekend and run EARLY. I hate getting out of bed early on a Saturday, but I feel much better after I get my long run done before 10 am!

Jesse said...

I agree that no one ever told me about the time commitment for running. For me, though, it seems to add up in the time it takes to get changed into running clothes, kick the dogs outside before I go, walk a ways to warm up, walk to cool down, and then clean myself up. It takes me a little over an hour to actually "run" 40 minutes.